How to Host a Website for Free From Your PC or Laptop

If you’re planning to launch a website but don’t want to pay recurring monthly or annual hosting fees, you can use any old laptop or desktop PC to host a website for free. It’s a great way to utilize your old system instead of throwing it away.

In this guide, we will install and set up services on our 10-year-old laptop to host a WordPress, Joomla, or custom HTML or PHP-based website with a free SSL certificate.

Things You Will Need to Host a Website

Following are the pre-requisites to host a website for free from home with just your computer:

  • An old laptop or PC running Ubuntu Server.
  • A registered domain name for your website
  • Ethernet cable to connect the laptop or PC to router for reliable and fast connection

Step 1: Update and Upgrade the Packages

After installing…

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