[NFOrce.com – NL] – VPS/Cloud Hosting from € 9.95/month!

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. can offer you High-Quality CLOUD & VPS solutions, hosted in one of our High-Tech Datacenters in the Netherlands. 

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. Benefits:

– Multilingual support via E-mail/Ticketing (English/Dutch). 

– Multi-homed network with over 5 tier 1 transit providers and over 1000 peering connections. 

– Low latency. 

– Live bandwidth statistics. 

– 24/7/365 days support. 


CLOUD & VPS solutions

Looking for excellent performance at a low cost? NFOrce VPS is the perfect solution for you, empowering you with unmatched performance at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional dedicated servers. Our virtual servers are powered by NFOrce Cloud Hypervisors, to enhance and optimize your server’s software. 

With our NFOrce VPS, you can now host virtually unlimited domains and install custom applications as per your requirements, with the freedom and ease of a dedicated server. Your supporting processors are more efficient with our VPS solutions, since it provides Hardware Virtualization, to efficiently manage your virtual server environment. 

NFOrce offers fast unmanaged Virtual Private Servers, running on A-Branded Hardware, No overloaded servers, in High-Tech Data centers, with fast and redundant Internet connections. 

Your benefits:

– Speed 

– Scalability 

– Double Redundant 

– Optimum I/O 

– Easy to manage 

– Flexibility 

– Excellent support 


CLOUD Bronze

Processor(s): 1x vCPU 

Memory: 2 GB 

Storage: 30 GB 

Uplink port 1 Gbps NON-overbooked 

Bandwidth 1 TB 

Features Maintenance portal account 

Starting at € 9.95/month 

To order: https://www.nforce.com/Cloud-Hosting…er-1-month/122



Processor(s): 4x vCPU 

Memory: 8 GB 

Storage: 120 GB 

Uplink port: 1 Gbps NON-overbooked 

Bandwidth: 5 TB 

Features: Maintenance portal account 

Starting at € 39.95/month 

To order: https://www.nforce.com/Cloud-Hosting…er-1-month/124


For all other VPS offers, please visit: https://www.nforce.com/Cloud-Hosting/2


Your benefits

  1. Whatever happens with your NFOrce VPS, you will always have more than enough speed to operate your business. With our secured 2x20Gbps connected to each Hypervisor, we can ensure the promised high-speed and quality connection you expect.
  2. In case you need assistance, NFOrce offers skilled support 24/7/365.
  3. The highest possible up-time, the NFOrce Double redundant system is especially developed to ensure your website or business keeps running, even if there is a hardware, network or power failure.
  4. NFOrce only uses state of the art Storage which results in optimum I/O results.


For questions about our offers, please send an email to: sales@nforce.com

Included in all offers:

Linux OS of your choosing 

1 IPv4 address, additional IPv4 addresses available at € 1,25 per IP per month. 

Remote reboots 

Free reinstall / basic support 

Our Network:

ASn 43350 

ASn 64437 

IP Transit providers:

AS2914 (NTT), 400G 

AS3356 (CenturyLink, fka Level3), 200G 

AS6830 (Liberty Global), 200G 

AS6762 (Seabone), 200G 

AS174 (Cogent), 400G 


Over thousand of peers on peering exchanges including AMS-IX, NL-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, FRANCE-IX 



Company information:

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. 

Postbus 1142 

4700 BC Roosendaal 

The Netherlands 

Chamber of Commerce: 20110430 


Order and Questions:

You can order using the links below the server ad. 

Prices are excluding EU applicable VAT, customers outside the EU and registered companies in the EU do not pay VAT. 

Payment methods:

Paypal, Skrill, Wiretransfer, Mastercard, VISA, Maestro, American Express, Bitpay, PAXUM 

NFOrce Entertainment B.V. 

Postbus 1142 

4700 BC Roosendaal 

T. +31 20 6919299 

F. +31 20 6919409 

E. sales@nforce.com

I. www.nforce.com

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