Rita Ora reveals she chopped her hair off right before hosting TODAY

Rita Ora didn’t just style her hair before co-hosting the fourth hour of TODAY on Feb. 15 — she chopped most of it off!

The “Don’t Think Twice” singer, 33, revealed that she got a dramatic haircut at 7 a.m., just hours before she co-hosted TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

“I just wanted a fresh start,” she explained to Hoda Kotb on the show.

She shared details of the chat she had with her hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, before making the big cut.

“He was like, let’s just chop it off, and then we put some color in it, and now we’re here,” she said.

Ora shared photos of her new, layered bob on Instagram, and it’s stunning.

“Sometimes you (gotta) cut out the things in life that don’t serve you,” Ora wrote in the caption, adding the hashtag #newchop.

Ora chopped her hair into a bob just hours before co-hosting the fourth hour of TODAY. (@ritaora via Instagram)Ora chopped her hair into a bob just hours before co-hosting the fourth hour of TODAY. (@ritaora via Instagram)

Ora chopped her hair…

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Sini Shetty On India Hosting 71st Miss World: It's An Unique Platform To Showcase The Rich …

Were there any apprehensions when you planned to be part of the beauty pageants? 

I never planned to join beauty pageants at first. People thought I could do modelling because of my height and they suggested the same to me multiple times. At the beginning, I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for me. But I like trying new things and exploring different opportunities, so I decided to give it a shot. The turning point came when I saw an advertisement for Femina Miss India, and the prospect intrigued me. Motivated by curiosity, I decided to explore this opportunity, and here I am today. While I personally did not harbour apprehensions about joining beauty pageants, my parents, understandably, had concerns. At that time, I had a stable corporate job, and the decision to shift my focus to…

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VEBONIX Revolutionizes Domain Name and Web Services with Comprehensive Solutions

In the dynamic realm of web services, VEBONIX has emerged as a trailblazer, holding the prestigious title of an ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrar. Beyond mere domain registration, VEBONIX offers a diverse array of products and services, encompassing Domains solutions, Hosting solutions, Cloud Server solutions, Reseller Hosting solutions, Email solutions, Security solutions, Managed Services, and Corporate Services.

With a steadfast mission, VEBONIX aims to be the guiding force for SMEs, startups, businesses, professionals, corporates, and individuals, facilitating the establishment and fortification of their web presence. The core ethos revolves around affordability and delivering an exceptional customer service experience, setting VEBONIX apart in the industry.


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How Donna Kelce helped Barefoot Wine share Super Bowl party hosting tips

Campaign: Donna’s Super Bowl Playbook
Companies: Barefoot Wine
Agency Partners: Praytell (agency of record)
Duration: February 5–11, 2024

It turns out the Kelce family can do more than just play football well, host one of the most popular podcasts and make Taylor Swift happy. Donna Kelce, the mother of Kansas City Chiefs tight end and Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, also apparently knows how to incorporate wine into a Super Bowl party.  


Barefoot Wine conducted a campaign in November with Donna Kelce called the Barefoot Bandwagon Box, targeted at new football fans — of which, thanks to Swift, there are many. The brand offered them a chance to attend a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles and sit in a suite with Donna Kelce and Barefoot’s…

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Cleaning experts share tips to quickly ‘fake clean’ home when hosting guests

If you’re in a bind for time and need to tidy up your space fast, these expert-recommended cleaning hacks will do the trick.

Despite becoming a cliché, numerous studies have proven that a clean space equals a clear mind.

This is because, to the brain, clutter represents unfinished business, which raises cortisol in the body, as well as contributes to depression and leads to decreased focus, according to Very Well Mind

However, on the flip side, cleaning can improve physical health and mood, boost confidence and increase focus. Psychologists recommend starting small, setting a timer and asking for help, as needed.

Cleaning is a revered ritual in some cultures, including for the Swedish who say this practice improves people’s relationship with death. Similarly, the infamous Marie Kondo…

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