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South African dedicated server price comparison

South Africans looking for a hosting service to develop and release an app, or for their online business, have several options to choose from.

Cloud hosting is versatile and robust, but this could get expensive if you aren’t careful.

Dedicated servers are an alternative that can be more affordable while still offering excellent uptimes.

When choosing a dedicated server provider, essential aspects to consider include monthly traffic allowances, the cost of the service, and the server’s hardware.

While there are cheaper alternatives to managed servers — including virtual private servers and shared hosting services — these are aimed at basic websites, and likely won’t provide the traffic allowance or performance required for larger services.

MyBroadband compared the cheapest…

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Types of Web Hosting Services

When it comes to assuring the availability, performance, and speed of websites, web hosting is crucial. It’s a methodical way to enable universal Internet access to your website.

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However, there are several methods to package and sell web hosting today. Despite its initially simple nature, customer requirements have changed. Due to this, web hosting companies have also modified their programs to satisfy client demand. With so many available solutions, your decision might become frightening. 

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Different Types of Web Hosting Solutions

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The six main categories of hosting servers are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, reseller web hosting, cloud hosting, and WordPress hosting. Let’s…

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Dedicated Hosting Service Market 2022

Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated Hosting Service

Global Dedicated Hosting Service Market Research Report 2022 – 2028 contains a detailed analysis and thorough examination of the top major players, market size, share, and current market scenario, as well as various growth variables such as revenue, trends, and CAGR. On the basis of facts and data, the Dedicated Hosting Service research provides comprehensive coverage of market segmentation, regional outlooks, supply-demand scenarios, SWOT analysis, and new business prospects. With the use of a graphical depiction and an import-export scenario, the Dedicated Hosting Service Market report investigates prospective changes in the market. It outlines important characteristics of the industry, such as market dynamics, growth insights,…

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How to set up a bare metal dedicated game server with OVH

Jack Wallen walks you through the process of setting up a game server with the OVH cloud provider.

set up dedicated video game server on ovh cloud
Image: Zoa-Arts/Adobe Stock

If you’re a gamer, you might feel the need to set up a private, dedicated game server that gives you plenty of raw power for all the games you want, along with the security you need to keep everything running smoothly.

One such route for this is the French cloud computing company, OVH Cloud. As of 2016, OVH laid claim to the largest cloud data center surface area, and as of 2019, it became the largest hosting provider in Europe. OVH offers plenty of options for hosting just about anything you need. One such feature is the Linux game server.

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I want to show you how easy it is to set up…

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Benefits of Renting a Dedicated Server

The rental service involves technical support from the provider. That is, you do not have to hire a separate IT specialist responsible for setting up and maintaining the existing equipment.

Increasingly, when developing a new site for their business, executives choose to rent the required capacity. This choice is not surprising, since the use of a dedicated server has advantages over own equipment in the office. Among them are high efficiency, resource security and the ability to use non-standard configuration. What other advantages does renting hosting have and for whom is such a solution suitable in the first place?


Benefits and differences from buying

Many are interested in why rent dedicated serveris better than purchased, especially if the company is ready to spend funds to…

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