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10 Best Reseller Hosting Companies

Ever thought of owning your own hosting company? 

Luckily, it’s not all suits and ties. You can own and manage your own hosting service from the corner of your bedroom and earn some profit. This is termed reseller hosting,’ a type of hosting that allows you to buy a bulk hosting plan from a full-scale web host and resell it to your customers based on their needs or demands. For many years, it has served as a source of passive income to agencies and digital entrepreneurs and is still profitable today. 

As a reseller, you’re probably looking for the best reseller services that are budget-friendly yet have excellent performance, robust security features, unlimited or sizable bandwidth and space, quality customer support, etc. But with countless web hosts making bold claims about…

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Webroot vs Bitdefender (2024 Comparison) – Forbes Advisor INDIA

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Antivirus software is an important part of any cybersecurity plan for individuals and businesses. Webroot and Bitdefender are two competitive options offering slightly different products.

In this article, we discuss the differences between Webroot and Bitdefender in terms of price, features, and overall impact on your device.

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How We Test Web Hosting Services

Whether you’re looking to start a blog, build a hobby site, create a professional portfolio or establish an online business, you’ll need web hosting. CNET offers expert-tested, hands-on web hosting reviews to help you choose the right company for your web hosting needs.

Web hosting makes your site accessible to online visitors by placing it on a web server. The web host you choose will determine your site’s ability to run continuously, accommodate your incoming visitors and stay secure. Your choice of web host can also affect your site’s loading speeds and how easy it is to maintain, so choosing a high-quality web hosting service is important.

How we test web hosting

Navigating the world of web hosting is complicated. There are several types of web hosting and thousands of companies…

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Ganja State to host concert dedicated to Honored Artist Gambar Huseynli

Laman Ismayilova

Ganja State Philharmonic Hall will host a concert dedicated to
prominent Azerbaijani composer, Honored Artist Gambar Huseynli,
Azernews reports.

The event is organized within the project “Ganja and Ganja of

The concert titled “Ay işığında” will take place on June 1 at
19.00. The evening will feature compositions from the composer’s

Gambar Huseynli was born on April 16, 1916 in Ganja city. He is
the author of various musical works, about 100 romances and songs,
music and songs for performances. The composer was glorified by his
famous song “Cücələrim”.

The poetic basis was the writings and works of classics of
Azerbaijani literature, such as…

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HostColor Rolls Out AMD-powered Dedicated Servers in Texas Data Centers

05/13/2024, New York // PRODIGY: Feature Story // upgraded its hosting service portfolio of AMD Dedicated Servers with bare-metal server configurations hosted in Texas data centers. The AMD-powered servers feature EPYC 7543 processors, high-speed NMVe SSD-based storage, and scalable RAM from 128 GB up to 512 GB. The new AMD EPYC 7543-based servers feature 1 Gbps dedicated unmetered bandwidth upgradable to 10-gigabit network bandwidth.

The AMD servers feature EPYC 7543 and are available in the company’s Houston Dedicated Server section. Houston is one of the first five U.S. metropolitan markets where the cloud infrastructure provider started delivering AMD-powered servers. The others are Ashburn, Virginia; Bend, Oregon; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Dallas, Texas.

“Texas is…

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