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A Shop Dedicated to Sake With Rare Varieties of Rice Wine Has Opened in the Alley Behind Dame

Portland’s first shop dedicated solely to sake is now open inside a speakeasy alleyway, serving varieties you’d never find at your average neighborhood sushi restaurant.

Sunflower Sake opened in late fall at 5427 NE 30th St., adjacent to Dame: the wine shop and eatery known for hosting pop-up kitchens in its dining room.

The sake store is stocked with a carefully curated selection of approximately 125 bottles, all available to purchase. Those who prefer to sample and then commit can also take advantage of the on-premises tasting room, where you can explore rice wine by the glass, carafe or bottle along with an assortment of housemade snacks. Takeout from the area’s concentration of restaurants is also allowed.

“I’m focusing on sake that is…

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Bigscreen Update Adds Dedicated Servers, Improved User-Hosted Room Streams

The latest Bigscreen update makes big improvements to user-hosted rooms and remote desktop capabilities when streaming, alongside an increase in room capacity and other changes.

Shanks, one of Bigscreen’s developers, posted details of the update to Reddit. While there’s a lot of changes, the overwhelming theme of the update is improving the experience and video quality of rooms that use remote desktop and Windows PC desktop streaming.

Previously, a desktop PC stream shared in a user-hosted room with others would feature choppy video, low bitrate and an unreliable connection at times. With this new update, these connections should be much more reliable.

For those streaming their desktop PC to a user-hosted room, there…

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Who Needs Dedicated Hosting – And Why?

Customizable Configurations

Customize your server’s software and hardware configurations to make it work efficiently for you and your business’s needs.

Dedicated servers can be enhanced by adding more memory, processing power, hard disk space, and bandwidth.

Better Security

Gain full control over security with a dedicated server. Don’t run the chance of having a critical failure due to another customer’s lack of security measures.

You can decide what operating system (OS) to run and when to install patches to the OS.

Additionally, the security protocols on dedicated hosting plans are PCI compliant, allowing you to securely process and store sensitive data.

This high-grade commercial security also protects your site from DDoS and other cyberattacks.

Full Access

Gain all the tools you…

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1Gbits Celebrates Expansion To Over 40 International Locations in 7 Years

1Gbits Celebrates Expansion To Over 40 International Locations in 7 Years

An introduction to the web infrastructure service provider, 1Gbits. 1Gbits was established in 2014 under the parent company Monotinklo Sprendimai UAB based in Vilnius, Lithuania. The goal of the company was to provide exceptional services to high-end clients from across the globe. Within the first two years, they were able to partner up with multiple data centers in Europe and USA. Seven years down the road, they have been able to grow their infrastructure to having datacenters in over 40 different locations spread across the globe.

1Gbits provides the following services: 

  • Dedicated Server Hosting 
  • VPS hosting
  • RDP services

They specialize in dedicated server hosting and puts great care into the finer details of setting up and deploying the services. The in-house technicians…

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Bigscreen Streaming Update Improves Remote Desktop, Audio & More – VRFocus

Bigscreen may have expanded its focus from a remote desktop app for virtual reality (VR) headsets to a social platform where you can watch movies and TV shows but it hasn’t forgotten where it came from. Over the weekend Bigscreen launched its “Streaming Update”, improving a lot of the core functionality of the app, from the performance and audio to UI tweaks and hosting larger rooms of guests.


The first big improvement is the addition of dedicated streaming servers which the Bigscreen team say ups the video streaming quality as well as offering “perfectly synced audio”. Another bonus from using dedicated servers is the ability to reduce the bandwidth requirements for room hosts who would experience choppy video, with blocky, low-quality video artefacts…

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