Catriona Gray, R’Bonney Gabriel to host 2024 Miss Manila pageant

Catriona Gray, R’Bonney Gabriel to host 2024 Miss Manila: Woman of Worth pageant

Catriona Gray and R’Bonney Gabriel. Image: Instagram/@catriona_gray; Facebook/Miss Universe Philippines

Catriona Gray will be joined by her fellow Miss Universe titleholder R’Bonney Gabriel as hosts of the Miss Manila: Women of Worth pageant this year, the city-wide competition’s second edition since its revival in 2023.

This will be the second time in a row as host for Gray, who was crowned Miss Universe in 2018, while this is the first for Gabriel, who won the title in the 71st edition held in January 2023. The Filipino American queen has made the rounds of various beauty pageants all over the country just this year, either as host or judge.

The duo of beauty queens will share hosting chores with “Kapuso” actress Gabbi Garcia, who recently earned praise when she…

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Sonya Hussyn slams host ‘mocking’ Meera in interview clip

A clip of veteran Pakistani actor Meera is making the rounds, where an attempt was seemingly made to humiliate the star. During the segment, Meera shared a quote she found meaningful: “In the hands of life, it’s not important to hold all the good relations but it is more important how good you behave with the relations you hold.” Despite the depth of her message, an incessant laugh track continued in the background as she read the quote, evidently attempting to undermine her.

The situation escalated when the host, in an apparent bid to humiliate her further, asked Meera to recite the quote from memory. Meera, maintaining her composure, responded in Urdu, “I haven’t learned it by heart, that’s why I’ve written it for you.” The host continued to take subtle jabs at her, but Meera…

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Top Startups For Making New Friends

Despite technology making us more connected than ever before, making new friends can be difficult. This is especially true for nomads who work abroad or those moving to big cities.


The UK Loneliness Epidemic


According to approximately 3 million people in England say they feel lonely often. With so many of us now socialising more online, it can be hard to find places to truly connect with new people.

This loneliness can have a profoundly negative effect on people’s physical and mental health, not to mention on wider society. In a survey by the Belonging Forum, more than a third of Londoners (35%) reported regularly feeling lonely, showing that even in big cities it can be hard to meet new friends.


Startups To Help Make New Friends


Luckily, a whole new…

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Exploring Three Growth Companies With High Insider Ownership On Euronext Paris

Amid a backdrop of fluctuating global markets and mixed economic signals, the French market has shown resilience, with modest gains in the CAC 40 Index. In such an environment, growth companies with high insider ownership on Euronext Paris stand out as potentially compelling opportunities for investors looking to align with the interests of company management.

Top 10 Growth Companies With High Insider Ownership In France

Name Insider Ownership Earnings Growth
VusionGroup (ENXTPA:VU) 13.5% 25.2%
Groupe OKwind Société anonyme (ENXTPA:ALOKW) 24.8% 30.6%
La Française de l’Energie (ENXTPA:FDE) 20.1% 37.7%
Adocia (ENXTPA:ADOC) 12.1% 104.5%
OSE Immunotherapeutics (ENXTPA:OSE) 25.6% 79.3%
Icape Holding (ENXTPA:ALICA) 30.2% 26.1%
Arcure (ENXTPA:ALCUR) 21.4% 41.7%

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International students in need of host families says Central Okanagan Public Schools – Kelowna News

Students need host families

Central Okanagan Public Schools is searching for families who have an extra bedroom in their home and some extra room in their hearts for sharing Canadian culture with international students.

The District’s International Education program will carefully match students with families that can provide a welcoming home and who will enjoy the mutual benefit that comes with hosting students.

“Our homestay program is internationally recognized because we run it ourselves, so we offer great support for both the students and the families who choose to open their home,” said Raquel Steen, Assistant Superintendent.

“We have a lot of students who are eager to…

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