How to set up a custom email address

If you’re setting up a website for your business and wondering whether you should set up a custom email address as well – the short answer is yes, you should.

If you want to be taken seriously by your soon-to-be customers, you probably don’t want to use something that looks like “” as a professional email address for your business, right?  

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Best WordPress Web Hosting Companies for WordPress Sites

Web hosting is an important service because it powers the website and determines its speed and performance.  This sphere has many WordPress hosting providers and some of them claim to be fast. This makes it challenging to select the best because other factors are involved including costs and features.

Researching and comparing different types of WordPress hosts can be tedious. We have made your work easier by providing you with a list of top WordPress hosts for a fast and optimized website. You will find features, pricing, and available plans to help you make a fast and wise decision.

What is WordPress Hosting?

This is basically a type of web hosting optimized for WordPress websites. These web hosting companies provide a set of tools and services specifically for…

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Cloudways or SiteGround – Which Host Is Best For You?

When choosing a web hosting company, the most important thing is to select a reliable one that offers top performance and provides good value for your money. There are countless web hosting companies, so which one to choose?

In today’s battle between hosting companies, we have two of the most popular hosting companies in the world- Cloudways and SiteGround. Both companies are excellent and provide top-notch performance and speed, but which option is better for you and your business?

I’ve certainly read more than one Cloudways review. I’ve also gone through dozens of SiteGround reviews to discover which of these two hosting giants will be the ultimate solution for you. We will compare SiteGround and Cloudways in many categories to help you better distinguish the differences between…

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Virtual Private Servers A Beginner's Guide – The Good Men Project

A server can be described as a powerful computer that stores all files and data related to your website. When someone types in your domain name, the powerful computer “serves it up” your site to their screen.

Now let’s get to the aspect. VPS uses virtualization technology, which allows you to split that powerful server into several virtual servers. It is a single piece, of physical hardware that works like many servers.

Private signifies exactly what it is. Your virtual server will be yours only, and you won’t have any need to share RAM, processor, or data with others.

How Does A VPS Work?

VPS Hosting replicates the experience on a dedicated server but you are still sharing the physical server.

Your web hosting company installs a virtual layer onto the server’s operating…

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Onlive Server offer Ukraine VPS Hosting with KVM Based Full Secure Plans and SSD Storage

Use Ukraine VPS Hosting from Onlive Server, a flexible cloud hosting solution. Get Kyiv City data center-based VPS Hosting plan. It uses virtualization technology and gives you dedicated private resources on a server with multiple users.

Kyyiv, Jun 6, 2022 ( – If you have a high-traffic website, then dedicated hosting may be the best solution for you. They are fast, flexible, and fully customizable. However, this service of course also comes with a high price tag. Therefore, they are not worth it for everyone, especially if you have a small or medium website. In this case, Ukraine VPS Hosting allows you to select and configure your operating system and server applications. The entire virtual server is yours and has nothing to do with the setup.

Whenever someone…

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