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AI-Powered Bot Farm Taken Down By US Authorities

In the US, the FBI has announced that they have taken action against an operation that is said to spread disinformation in the US, as well as other countries. The US says that operation was driven by Russian state actors and AI to manage close to 1000 bot accounts on X.

The US found 2 domains, and suspended a number of fake social accounts. Dismantling this network was achieved by seizing control of mlrtr.com and otanmail.com, the 2 domains. These domains were what powered the bot farm- they hosted the servers that created and managed the bot activities.

“The social media bot farm used elements of AI to create fictitious social media profiles — often purporting to belong to individuals in the United States — which the operators then used to promote messages in support…

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How to Identify Bot Traffic in Google Analytics (GA4)

How to Identify Bot Traffic in Google Analytics (GA4)How to Identify Bot Traffic in Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics is the de facto tool for website owners or online store managers. It lets you track your website visitors, see the most visited pages, and view other stats to help make business decisions. However, you might notice your Google Analytics metrics spiking due to unnatural traffic from bots, which can lead to wrong calculations. So, knowing how to identify bot traffic in Google Analytics is crucial.

What Is Bot Traffic in Google Analytics

Bot traffic refers to non-human traffic in Google Analytics. In other words, it represents traffic generated through automated software known as bots or spiders.

There are different types of bots. Search engines like Google and…

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