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Why managed hosting is better for businesses

So you’re building your small business website, and you want it to be as reliable, secure, fast, and available as possible. This all comes down to how you choose to host your site—when it comes to the best web hosting, you have three main options: 

  1. If you’ve used one of the best website builders like Squarespace or Wix, they will host your website for you
  2. If you’re using a different platform, like WordPress via a WordPress website builder, or similar, you can choose to buy unmanaged hosting
  3. If you’re using a different platform, you can also choose to use managed hosting

Website builder hosting is perfectly good. Squarespace, Wix, and similar small business website builders are perfect for starting out, and they’re built to scale, up to a point. When you’re starting to move into…

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Cybersecurity And Web Hosting: What Businesses Need To Know – Cyber Security News

DoubleClick by Google refers to the DoubleClick Digital Marketing platform which is a separate division within Google. This is Google’s most advanced advertising tools set, which includes five interconnected platform components.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager: the ad-serving platform, called an Ad Server, that delivers ads to your customers and measures all online advertising, even across screens and channels.

DoubleClick Bid Manager – the programmatic bidding platform for bidding on high-quality ad inventory from more than 47 ad marketplaces including Google Display Network.

DoubleClick Ad Exchange: the world’s largest ad marketplace for purchasing display, video, mobile, Search and even Facebook inventory.

DoubleClick Search: is more powerful than AdWords and used for purchasing…

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Why Dedicated Hosting Is An Apt Choice For Businesses

Choosing the correct hosting for your website can be challenging in many ways. You need to consider the cost, services, plans, and support web hosts offer, among other things. But while shared hosting may be among the most typical and preferred types of hosting, it may not be the appropriate option for everyone.

Browsing through Liquid Web reviews will show you that such hosting providers don’t offer shared hosting services. While they may have their reasons, the good thing is that they provide excellent dedicated hosting.

Several features make this type of hosting one of the most solid choices for businesses large and small. Here are some undeniable reasons for companies to try this hosting.

Exclusive server resources

One of the best reasons for trying such a…

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3T Pro Now Providing Web Hosting Services to Businesses in Dallas

An industry leader in computer support and managed IT services in Dallas now offers affordable web hosting.

RICHARDSON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Representatives with 3T Pro announced today that it is now offering web hosting services to businesses in Dallas.

“We have a variety of web hosting plans that are scalable for the size and needs of your enterprise,” said 3T Pro Vice President of Sales Tommy Gay.

3T Pro, a Dallas IT support and consulting firm serving the wider Dallas area since 1992, provides 24/7 Computer Support and IT Services to a wide variety of small and medium-sized businesses across Dallas, Ft. Worth, and beyond. The company offers…

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5 Reliable Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses

Every business needs a website to be successful and have maximum reach. It allows you to connect with users by using various marketing tools and build a strong online presence. 

One of the key components in building a website is having a reliable and excellent web hosting provider. Each hosting service offers several features that ensure your website is up and running, all day long. 

As a small business owner, any sort of downtime, security glitches, or low page speed can affect your business performance and even cost you money. A web hosting provider allows you to store all your data such as images, content, documents, themes, audio, videos, and so much more that make up your website. 

Many of us are unaware of how essential a good web hosting service can be. To put it lightly, it…

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