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Perseverance of a woman entrepreneur in managed cloud hosting

Her family wanted her to follow her father’s footsteps and be a bureaucrat. Once married she had the option to join the enterprises run by her husband’s family. But Anooja Bashir was not ready for either. She wanted to tread a path of her own in the vast and unfamiliar terrain of entrepreneurship. It was not at all that easy. Two of her initial ventures failed, pushing her to mounting debts. But she was not ready to give up, and her perseverance paid off with a third venture – a tech startup – which looks promising.

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HostColor Launched Cloud Servers With Unrestricted Data Transfer, Business News

HostColor.com (HC) announced Cloud infrastructure services with unrestricted data transfer. Owners of Hosted Private Clouds and Cloud Servers that host websites and applications are not charged for internet traffic per gigabyte.

HostColor.com (HC) announced U.S. Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds with unrestricted data transfer. Clients of the cloud server host use 100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps unmetered internet connectivity with no egress fees for the internet traffic.

HostColor.com delivers U.S. Cloud server hosting services with unrestricted data transfer.

HC’s Public Cloud Servers are used for hosting websites and various software applications that deliver services to the public internet. They are based on VMware ESXi…

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Asset servicing technology news | TNS launches Cloud

Transaction Network Services has launched TNS Cloud – Server Management to deliver support to buy- and sell-side institutions and vendors.

The initiative will combine the company’s server hosting capabilities with direct server management.

The Virginia firm’s new utility is designed to streamline trading data centers by providing operations and maintenance for customer servers.

It provides clients with a suite of services including operating system installation, configuration and management, server hardware, operating system health monitoring and user access management.

The suite makes use of TNS’ bare metal servers and aims to provide low latency trading connectivity for exchange trading and to reduce trading center complexity and costs.

The launch…

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Colocation vs Cloud | Web Hosting Talk

Hey guys,

Would it be smart for a web host move from Colocation to the Cloud, if you could give me a few pros and cons and possibly a few Cloud provider which we could move to and also maybe some web hosts that already move from colocating to cloud.

Also, another option I thought of, is renting servers from providers such Velia and doing our virtualiztion out of their servers, our hosting doesn’t really sell shared hosting, 99% of our clients are on VM packages.

Many thanks for your time.

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Expert Guide to Penetration Testing for Industrial Cloud Systems

As industrial systems become increasingly interconnected and reliant on cloud infrastructure, the need for robust security measures becomes paramount. Penetration testing plays a vital role in identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the overall security posture of industrial cloud systems.

In this guide, we’ll aim to provide a comprehensive overview of penetration testing for industrial cloud systems, including its importance, key methodologies, best practices, and future trends to help provide you with a solid base understanding of this niche cybersecurity sector.

What Are Industrial Cloud Systems?

Industrial cloud systems encompass the integration of physical and digital components, enabling remote monitoring, control, and optimisation of industrial processes. These…

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