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Shared Web Hosting Service Global Market Report |SiteGround, HostPapa, DreamHost, HostGator, InMotion, A2 Hosting, GoDad – Artrocker

The Shared Web Hosting Service market research delivers comprehensive research on the present stage of the market, covers market size with respect to assessment as sales volume, and provides a precise forecast of the market scenario over the estimated period. Also focuses on the product, application, manufacturers, suppliers, and regional segments of the market. Shared Web Hosting Service market report research highlights market driving factors, an overview of the market growth, industry size, and market share. Subsequently Shared Web Hosting Service market report depicts the constantly evolving needs of clients, vendors, and purchasers in different regions, it becomes simple to target specific market and generate large revenues in the global industry.


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How to Install XRDP on Ubuntu 22.04 – India Education | Latest Education News | Global Educational News


If you’ve secured a powerful 10Gbps dedicated server in USA and want to set up a remote desktop environment, XRDP is an excellent choice. XRDP allows you to access your server’s graphical user interface remotely. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to install XRDP on your Ubuntu 22.04 server. Follow these instructions carefully to enable remote desktop access.

Note: Before you start, ensure that you have SSH access to your dedicated server in the USA. If you haven’t set up SSH yet, consult your hosting provider’s documentation for guidance.

Step 1: Connect to Your Server

Start by connecting to one of your 10gbps dedicated servers using SSH. Open a terminal on your local machine and use the following command, replacing your_server_ip…

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Leapswitch Networks Celebrates 16 Years of Uninterrupted Service in Global Cloud Solutions


Published November 28, 2023

Leapswitch Networks Celebrates 16 Years of Uninterrupted Service in Global Cloud Solutions

Leapswitch Networks, a leading global provider of dedicated servers, bare metal cloud, and other infrastructure services, proudly announced today that it has provided 16 straight years of uninterrupted service to customers worldwide. Since its founding in 2006, Leapswitch has established itself as a pillar of stability and reliability in the hosting industry.

“Reaching the 16-year milestone is a tremendous achievement for our company,” said the CEO of Leapswitch Networks. “Even more meaningful is that we’ve provided completely uninterrupted service to customers this entire time. In an era when outages and downtime have become almost routine for many tech companies, we’ve kept our promise to clients by keeping their vital systems up and running…

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The Under-17 World Cup gives Indonesia a second chance at hosting a global soccer event

Indonesia’s unexpected second chance of hosting a global soccer tournament gets underway Friday when the Under-17 World Cup kicks off in Surabaya.

The soccer-loving nation of almost 280 million is determined to put on its best show, on and off the field, just months after it was stripped of the Under-20 World Cup hosting rights amid political turmoil over Israel’s participation.

Soccer’s international governing body took the drastic action in March, just eight weeks before the Under-20 tournament was scheduled to start, and Indonesian sports leaders feared long-term sanctions.

That event was shifted to Argentina at short notice, with Uruguay beating Italy in the final in June, and Israel placing third.

In the same month,…

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Virtuozzo to offer 20% cloud profit margins for managed service providers at MSP GLOBAL 2023

Virtuozzo has said that it will reveal its high-margin cloud solution tailored for Managed Service Providers during the MSP GLOBAL 2023 event. As the foremost cloud platform for service providers and a sponsor of this inaugural gathering, Virtuozzo aims to demonstrate how MSPs can now offer a faster, easier, and more profitable approach to delivering cloud services for their customer projects, distinguishing it from conventional methods such as reselling cloud services from AWS, Azure, and Google.

MSP GLOBAL will take place from November 14-16 at Germany’s famous racetrack venue, Nürburgring. Joe Morgan, VP Cloud at Virtuozzo, will present “The Secret to Profitable MSP Cloud” at the event. Virtuozzo is a Gold sponsor and will have its European cloud team on hand to showcase and…

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