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This company lets you host your own dedicated Valheim server – here’s how

After launching on Steam back in February, the new indie survival game Valheim was able to sell 5m copies in its first month alone despite still being in early access.

Created by a small group of Swedish developers at Iron Gate Studio, Valheim puts you in the role of a fallen Norse warrior trapped in purgatory and you’ll need to explore multiple biomes and craft new items to progress.

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Never Pay for Web Hosting Without Using Coupon Codes (Here’s Why)

What is web hosting?

Simply put, a web host is a web server that hosts your website on the internet. When people try to access your website, they connect to the server of your web host where your site is housed. When you are setting up your website, you must realize that it has to exist somewhere, and that place is a web server that web hosting companies provide. Of course, the service comes in exchange for money, much like any other service in the world.

However, there are a few ways you can cut costs for web hosting services effectively, and one of them is finding coupons to help you do so.  

Why you should never pay full price for web hosting

1. Reduce operating costs

The issue with paying full price for web hosting is that you could easily get away with paying a fraction of the…

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