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Biden breaks unofficial rule about headwear while hosting the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs – Baltimore Sun

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden welcomed the Kansas City Chiefs to the White House on Friday, lauding the back-to-back Super Bowl champion team for its sportsmanship on and off the field, and breaking an unofficial political rule about headwear. He tried on a Chiefs helmet the team gave him as a gift.

“It was cool to see him put the helmet on,” quarterback Patrick Mahomes told reporters after the celebration on the South Lawn. “We didn’t expect that.”

Coach Andy Reid speculated that Biden might have been the first president to wear an NFL helmet.

“You all witnessed it. It’s history being made,” said Reid, who appeared with Mahomes.

At the sun-splashed celebration, the Democratic president recalled that he had said during the Chiefs’ visit last year that the team is…

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Biden is hosting the Kansas City Chiefs — minus Taylor Swift — to mark the team’s Super Bowl title

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden is welcoming the Kansas City Chiefs to the White House on Friday to celebrate the NFL team’s third Super Bowl victory in five years.

The entire team was expected to participate in the event on the South Lawn, for the second time in two years. But one person not expected was singer Taylor Swift, the girlfriend of tight end Travis Kelce.

Biden is honoring the Chiefs after their come-from-behind overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas in February. It’s a longstanding tradition for major championship sports teams, both professional and collegiate, to be invited to the White House.

IN 2023, the Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, first lady Jill Biden’s favorite football team. She grew up near Philadelphia and attended…

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Kansas City Mayor Counsels Green Bay on Hosting NFL Draft

Summary: Kansas City Mayor James Zimmer recently shared his insights and advice with the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, on successfully hosting the NFL Draft, in light of the upcoming event in Green Bay. With his extensive experience in hosting large-scale events, Mayor Zimmer hopes to help Green Bay make the most of this opportunity.

In an effort to support and share knowledge between cities, Mayor Zimmer conversed with Green Bay Mayor Rebecca Robison regarding the strategies and preparations necessary to host the NFL Draft. The conversation focused on various aspects, such as venue selection, transportation, security, and overall event management.

Mayor Zimmer’s insights were based on the successful hosting of the NFL Draft in Kansas City in 2023. The event attracted thousands of…

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