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Baldur’s Gate 3 Holds Strong with Over 600K Daily Players on Steam

In an impressive show of staying power, Baldur’s Gate 3 remains a favorite among gamers, maintaining an average of 644,000 daily players on Steam alone. This figure, shared by Larian Studios, highlights the game’s success, especially considering it does not account for console players on platforms like the PS5 and Xbox Series S|X.

Released in August of the previous year, Baldur’s Gate 3 quickly became a contender for the biggest Steam launch of 2023, with nearly 900,000 concurrent players at its peak. While the initial rush has subsided, the game’s daily player count has impressively stayed above 500,000, a feat rarely seen, especially for a single-player title.

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Helldivers 2 players spam Discord server after outage


  • After an outage on Steam, Helldivers 2’s Discord server was flooded with messages saying “F”.
  • Community manager Spitz quickly shut down the server to allow the moderators to clean up the mess.
  • Channels were eventually unlocked after moderators spent a good few hours getting rid of the spam.

Seriously plagued by bugs and technicalities, Helldivers 2 still managed to become a fan favorite immediately after launch. This was a huge win for the developers at Arrowhead Game Studios who have been consistently listening to player feedback. Helldivers 2 is a great example of what the studio eventually aims to achieve i.e. create PvE-style games with a loyal fanbase.

The Helldivers 2 Discord server was temporarily shut down after there was a surge of…

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5 best Palworld Hosting service providers that players can use

There are a few Palworld Hosting service providers that further enhance the gameplay experience. As the game continues to captivate players with its unique blend of open-world survival and creature collecting, the demand for high-quality, reliable server hosting solutions has never been higher. While the game’s official public servers offer a solid starting point, they lack the flexibility many players crave, such as the ability to install mods or fine-tune settings.

To help you navigate this landscape, this article meticulously reviewed the market to bring you the top five Palworld server hosting providers, evaluating them based on performance, reliability, user experience, and cost-effectiveness.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s views.

5 best…

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Enshrouded Devs Warn Players, Promise Server Admin Update

While promising future security upgrades are on the way, Enshrouded devs warns players to be careful with public servers.

First Published February 1, 2024, 18:17

We’re only a week or so out from Enshrouded going live for Early Access, and continued updates are still on deck as the game is refined ahead of an official worldwide launch. While any Early Access period is going to face hiccups, the issue that’s concerning Enshrouded devs is for once actually caused by the players themselves. With upgrades promised on the server admin sign, they have suggestions for Enshrouded players in the interim.

Enshrouded devs warn players to password protect their public servers

Screenshot _29010_.png (1

As more and more players dive into Enshrouded during Early Access, it’s become apparent that “not everyone is playing…

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