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Shilpa Shinde Takes Dig At Anil Kapoor Hosting Bigg Boss OTT 3

Actress and winner of Bigg Boss 11, Shilpa Shinde, took a veiled dig at actor Anil Kapoor hosting the reality show Bigg Boss OTT 3 this year, instead of superstar Salman Khan. While she did not take names, she used words like ‘jhakaas’ and ‘bhai’, which were enough to convey her message.

During a recent media interaction, Shilpa stated that there was no fun in the latest season of Bigg Boss OTT as the original host was missing. “Host nahi hai toh mazaa nahi hai,” she said.

To make her stance even more clear, she added, “Jhakaas walo ki apni jagah alag hai. Baaki, Bigg Boss bole toh bhai bhai.”

Shilpa is not the only one who has been finding Anil Kapoor unfit as the host of Bigg Boss OTT 3. Ever since the reality show…

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Shilpa Shinde takes an indirect dig at Anil Kapoor for hosting Bigg Boss OTT 3; says, “Host nahi hai toh mazaa nahi hai”

Shilpa Shinde, the winner of Bigg Boss 11, has taken a subtle jibe at Anil Kapoor for hosting Bigg Boss OTT 3. Shinde expressed her thoughts on hinting that she isn’t watching this season as Salman Khan isn’t hosting the show. She shared a post on Instagram, stating, “Jhakaas walo ke liye ek hi naam – Salman Khan” (There’s only one name for the amazing ones – Salman Khan).
Shilpa Shinde was recently spotted on the sets of Laughter Chefs. In a conversation with the paps, she mentioned not watching this season of Bigg Boss as Salman Khan isn’t hosting it. This statement is perceived as a hint that Salman Khan, who has been hosting the main Bigg Boss series for years, is the ideal host for the show. Shinde’s comment has sparked speculation among fans, with many interpreting it as a…

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Kaun Banega Crorepati 15: Contestant Shilpa tells host Big B that she named one of her daughters Aaradhya as his granddaughter’s name

Host Amitabh Bachchan asked contestant Shilpa about her family. She shared she has two daughters and has named one of them Aaradhya as Big B’s granddaughter’s name. Her daughters are 7 and 5-yrs-old. She said, “I have named my eldest Aaradhya as your grandaughter’s name.”
Big B says, “Daughters are meant to be Laxmi. And you have two of them.”
After Shilpa, Bhumika Devanand Mali takes the hotseat.She is a student from Shirpur, Maharashtra. She did M.Sc in Maths and currently pursuing B.Ed. She shared, “It is my mother’s dream. She would try every year for KBC. From her, I started trying for Play Along.”
She requested Big B to let her mother sit on the hotseat for a few seconds. Big B fulfills her wish and says, “Daughters are very important. They have the dedication…

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