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New tech promises to add terabytes of memory (or SSD storage) to any GPU — but there’s a big catch

KAIST startup Panmnesia (the name means “the power to remember absolutely everything one thinks, feels, encounters, and experiences”) claims to have developed a new approach to boosting GPU memory.

The company’s breakthrough allows for the addition of terabyte-scale memory using cost-effective storage media such as NAND-based SSDs while maintaining reasonable performance levels.

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Google Drive cloud storage review: primarily for Google users

Google Drive is built to be web-centric but also provides useful mobile applications. It offers desktop backup tools for Windows and macOS platforms to quickly upload your files to the cloud. Although it may not have all the advanced features, it excels in speed and efficiency.

Google Drive has grown nicely from its shaky start to be a genuine competitor to the likes of Box and Dropbox as a cloud storage and file syncing solution. Looking at how advanced its web apps are currently, it’s hard to find a fault anywhere with the Google Drive package.

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Picture perfect: The next phase of photo cloud storage

Photographs and videos are more than just images; they are the currency of memories, a means of communication, and a tool for businesses and creatives alike.

In today’s digital age, there’s always a camera either in our pockets or in our hands. There are over 6.5 billion smartphones worldwide, which means that there are over 6.5 billion cameras in people’s hands. To put it lightly, the numbers are staggering with 1.72 trillion photos taken every year around the world, and 1.3 billion images shared per day on Instagram alone. Just let that sink in.

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Top cloud storage platforms hijacked to host malware — make sure that Google Drive or Dropbox link is safe

A new hacking campaign has been spotted in which the attackers are abusing legitimate cloud storage services to host malicious payloads.

In a research report, Securonix said that the campaign starts with a phishing email containing a .ZIP archive. When unzipped, the archive delivers an executable file that was made to look like an Excel file. The file uses a hidden left-to-right override (RLO) Unicode character, reversing the order of the characters that follow.

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Looking for massive storage server – 60 x18 TB SAS in Western Europe (not U.S)

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I understand the difficulties
But since it is possible in the U.S
I figured I write it in here in case some provider is able to provide it for a long term customer.

The price you’re after, without bandwidth, only makes sense if a provider is sitting on the hardware and has no prospects of renting it out. They might offer that price just that one time, just to get it out the door. Then it just barely makes sense at the price you asked, but without bandwidth.

In europe, costs are higher in general, especially for electricity, which this kind of server uses a lot of. It simply is not a realistic price.

A “good deal” is about 50% more than your budget while a typical price is more like double.

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