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Brixly’s NVMe Cloud Infrastructure: A Testament to Inclusive Growth and Innovation in the Web Hosting Sector

Brixly’s NVMe cloud infrastructure continues to set the pace in the hosting industry with a remarkable 500TB storage capacity and around 20 hypervisor nodes, more than a year after its deployment.

Brixly, a leading provider of web hosting services in the UK, is proud to highlight the success and robustness of its NVMe cloud infrastructure. Launched in September 2021, this state-of-the-art infrastructure has not only proven its robustness and reliability but has also demonstrated impressive scalability, now boasting a massive 500TB in storage capacity and around 20 hypervisor nodes.

The company’s innovative platform, which saw an investment of over £250,000, was meticulously planned and built from the ground up. It has provided a significant number of…

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