Experience worry free hosting with MechanicWeb. We are a privately owned company operating since 2008 with a proven track record of providing outstanding customer service. Our cPanel certified system administrators will handle server administration, optimization, security, and monitor them 24/7 to render fully managed service that you can depend on. Customer support is the heart of our hosting experience. We will help you every step of the way.

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[ Main Features ]

  • Fully Managed Service
  • [ Full SSD Local Storage ]
  • Premium Intel Xeon Processor
  • KVM Hardware Based Virtualization
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free Migration/Transfer
  • Free DirectAdmin (or cPanel)
  • Free DDoS Protection
  • Full Root Access
  • More Features: mechanicweb.com/vps-hosting.php

[ Addons ]

  • cPanel: $13.00
  • LiteSpeed: $10.00
  • CloudLinux: $12.95
  • KernelCare: $2.95
  • Softaculous: $1.00
  • MailChannels 20K: $25
  • Additional IPv4: $3.00
  • More Addons: mechanicweb.com/vps-hosting.php

[ Data Centers ]

Package Name





Discounted Monthly Price

(30% Off)






2 GB

4 GB

6 GB

8 GB

vCPU Cores

2 Core

2 Core

4 Cores 3.5GHz+

4 Cores 3.5GHz+




120 GB NVMe

160 GB NVMe


1000 GB

2000 GB

3000 GB

4000 GB

IP Address





DDoS Protection





DirectAdmin (Unlimited)





cPanel (5 Accounts)





OpenLiteSpeed + LSCache





If you need a smaller or larger plan or have any questions, please get in touch with us through our support center
Some Verified Reviews Posted on WebHostingTalk

Quote Originally Posted by Atgard

The MechanicWeb team had me up and running with all my files & settings transferred over the same day, in a matter of hours. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by novelhost

I’ve been with them for a couple of years and the service is very efficient, good uptime and quick response times. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by musicmanbob

This is a wonderful experience even at my age. (Link)
Sharmin and Shoss have been particularly on the ball with very quick responses to all of my questions and need for assistance. And, I’ve got to say, when either Sharmin or Shoss respond, I am not made to feel dumb if you know what I mean. So far I feel very comfortable. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by roymx

I have many with several suppliers and at 2 we ask the same and MechanicWeb support and resolved it, the other provider does not. If you seek attention to any problem they will always strive to solve it, I say it from experience.

Another thing, a benchmark test on several servers and obtained the highest score among several servers and always remained stable. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by xUhhOhh

It helped me change my initial choice of BlueHost to MechanicWeb. So far customer service has been excellent and has reassured me as a newbie to hosting that help is only a short talk/chat away. (Link)
They answered all of my questions and walked me through a couple of the plans I was considering and through my questions on their ToS. Nothing seemed hidden there like random shut offs for thresholds hit. Link)

Quote Originally Posted by boozeCoder

I really appreciate Your level of personal professionalism. I wish interacting with any company/service provider of any sort was like the experience I’ve had with the mechanicweb team. (Link)
I was more than satisfied with my experience with them as well. Support has been very responsive and actually useful. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by foxmen

I can recommend them, (I will soon write a review). (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by Hardy1

I’m now a happy customer of MechanicWeb.com and can only say after talking with dozens supports on other hosting providers that this guy provides the best service by far. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by SenseiSteve

Mechanicweb should be a good choice. They’re highly respected here on WHT. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by texasnightowl

I have chosen to try out MechanicWeb. I was impressed with how active and helpful they have been. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by PatrickN

I still highly recommend …MechanicWeb. I am so confident. (Link)

Quote Originally Posted by paivadaniel

Hey MechanicWeb, why I dont have problems with your hosting? …I never had to open a support ticket about your services. (Link)