Barky Pines, Indian Trail Host Tree Dedication At Downers Dog Park

Representatives from Barky Pines gather in front of the tree dedicated to Michelle Damone.

On Saturday, Nov. 18, Barky Pines Animal Rescue & Sanctuary and the Indian Trail Improvement District held a ceremony celebrating the eighth anniversary of Downers Dog Park in The Acreage. The ceremony included a tree planting in memory of former ITID Supervisor Michelle Damone, who passed away from cancer earlier this year. Damone played an important role in opening the dog park. Some dog owners that adopted from Barky Pines came by for some fun. The dogs got to paint with their paws. Learn more about Barky Pines at PHOTO BY ERIN DAVISSON

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Managed Hosting Market to Witness Huge Growth by Key Players:

Managed Hosting Market to Witness Huge Growth by Key Players:

This report provides an informative view about the competitive aspect of the global market. It includes detailed picture of the exhibition of a portion of the essential global players working in the Managed Hosting market. The research study also provides historical record with profits predictions and forecasts from 2023 to 2029. Also, the business manufacturing of the notable manufacturers is also emphasized with technical data in the report.

This report is a valuable resource that focuses on the challenges faced by the organizations and perspective adopted by key market players to control those threats. It covers main regions of the global market, as well as areas like North America, South America, Asia Pacific, and the rest of the society.


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The most common reasons for website downtime

In today’s hyper-connected world, having an accessible website is a vital part of a business – an effective website provides valuable information and encourages customer trust. 

But website downtime can have severe consequences, from damaging your brand’s reputation to impacting your bottom line. The cost of downtime can extend into the thousands of pounds. 

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William Floyd Teachers Host Successful Shared Table Event, Coat Drive Scheduled for December 16

teacher group at food donation event


WFUT members at the shared table event

The William Floyd United Teachers (WFUT) recently hosted another successful shared table event to help provide food for those who may need it from the community. Shared table events, which are held periodically throughout the school year, are spearheaded by the WFUT local action committee and its chairperson Karianne Garfen. The motto is “Take what you need, give what you can.” WFUT has also sponsored Little Free Libraries within the community and coat drives to help provide new and gently-used coats for those who may need them.

WFUT & Helpsy Project Warmth Coat Giveaway on December 16
WFUT is partnering with Helpsy on a “Project Warmth” coat giveaway in our community, on Saturday, December 16 at 10 am in the William Paca Middle School cafeteria. There will be 1,000…

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Using Proxy Servers For Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any proxy services or providers. All articles are purely informational—

Information is the foundational material that holds the digital world together. For thousands of years, slow improvements in communication, delivery, and storage of information have slowly pulled our civilisation towards progress. Relying on verbal conversations and limited memory is enough for a species to survive, but the biggest leaps towards progress can only happen with the efficient exchange of knowledge and ideas.

From the first printed book to groundbreaking Inventions in telecommunication, we keep coming up with new mediums for handling and manipulating information. Its power is so significant that the ability to store valuable insights and share them…

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