Pros & Cons – Forbes Advisor Australia

Pros & Cons – Forbes Advisor Australia

While the company may have gotten its start by offering domain names, Namecheap has built a solid web hosting platform as well. Many features that other platforms charge for, such as domain names and SSL certificates, are included for free.

Storage and Bandwidth Limits

Namecheap offers a moderate amount of space to store databases, files and emails. Its most basic plan has a 20 GB SSD and its most premium version has a 50 GB SSD.

Notably, Namecheap offers unmetered bandwidth, which means it offers users a set amount of bandwidth that they can use. While the server speed is limited, the amount of data that can be transferred between your website and your visitors is not.

By contrast, unlimited bandwidth describes a type of hosting plan that offers an unlimited amount of data…

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