S4 – Ethical and sustainable hosting with human support 🌳🌲

At S4 we are passionate about creating a Sustainable, Speedy, Secure and Stable internet.

We offer ethical, sustainable, and affordable web and mail hosting, made easy with human setup and support, monitoring & backups, and ethical Matomo analytics.

We like to keep things simple, every hosting plan with S4 gets the following:

  • 100% Renewable energy, in one of the most modern and green datacentres in Europe.
  • Our own DNS network hosted in

green datacentres around the world.

  • Litespeed Enterprise, MariaDB, PHP 7.4 & 8, Redis.
  • Free SSL, IPv6, QUIC.
  • Network level firewall, daily vulnerability checking and 24/7 monitoring.
  • 3 levels of backups, including off site backups and failover.
  • SSH & SFTP, plus 2-Factor authentication
  • Matomo Analytics (a private and ethical alternative to Google Analytics)
  • Human setup and support
  • We also offer free managed WordPress & WooCommerce, as well as free Flarum forum installations and updates.

    Oh, and we plant trees for every site you host with us. 🌳🌲

    All of our plans include mail hosting on our dedicated mail servers:

    • Roundcube webmail
    • 10 Free email addresses
    • Unlimited aliases and catch-all addresses
    • Properly configured DKIM, SPF, and DMARC
    • DANE & MTA-STS
    • Daily blacklist monitoring

    You can host any kind of site on S4, but if you are running on WordPress then we offer you these extras free of charge:

    • Pre-installed & Optimised WordPress
    • Free WordPress Migration
    • Safe managed updates
    • One-click staging sites
    • Optimised Litespeed caching
    • WordPress Brute Force Protection

    Shared pricing plans are €10 and €20 per month, and all of our plans come with a 7 day completely free trial

    We can also offer a customised plan to fit you and your business, from shared hosting up to multiple VPS high availability setups. We are happy to offer a free consultation to everyone to discuss how we can help you make your web presence as sustainable, speedy, secure and stable as it can be.

    Find out more at https://s-4.host and check our sustainability and pricing pages.

    You can also get in touch with our contact form or drop us a mail: hello@s-4.host

    S4 is a young company but the team behind it has a lot of experience in hosting, web design, development, and server management. We are passionate about sustainability, ethics, open source software, net neutrality and internet freedom.

    We spent more than a year, and a lot of thought, work, testing and development before launching our services to create web hosting on our own terms. We’ve spent another year and a half since then, continuing to improve and evolve, happily offering the same hosting service to other people who need a web presence that works but also care about a sustainable, fast, and affordable internet.

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