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Clouveo, a subdivision of WebSound whom have operated since September 2013, are pleased to launch our brand new AMD EPYC powered Cloud Servers in our first location in Amsterdam, Netherlands!


  • AMD EPYC 7302P Processors @ 3GHz+
  • Snapshots
  • Automatic Backups
  • One Click Applications
  • Custom ISOs
  • Rescue Mode
  • DDoS Protected
  • IPv6 Available
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
1GB 20GB SSD 1 Core 1 IPv4 2TB £3.49 / $4.50 ORDER HERE
2GB 40GB SSD 2 Cores 1 IPv4 4TB £5.99 / $7.50 ORDER HERE
4GB 80GB SSD 4 Cores 1 IPv4 6TB £10.99 / $14.00 ORDER HERE
6GB 120GB SSD 4 Cores 1 IPv4 7TB £16.99 / $21.50 ORDER HERE
8GB 150GB SSD 4 Cores 1 IPv4 8TB £21.99 / $28.00 ORDER HERE
12GB 200GB SSD 6 Cores 1 IPv4 10TB £32.99 / $42.00 ORDER HERE
16GB 300GB SSD 6 Cores 1 IPv4 12TB £43.99 / $56.00 ORDER HERE
32GB 600GB SSD 8 Cores 1 IPv4 15TB £79.99 / $102.00 ORDER HERE

LookingGlass / Test IPs:
Amsterdam, Netherlands

What payment methods are accepted?
We currently accept payments via PayPal, Debit/Credit Card and Crypto-currency via Coinify.

What happens if I reach my monthly bandwidth limit?
Once your bandwidth limit is reached, your transfer speeds will be limited to 10Mbps for the remainder of the billing month.

Can I purchase additional IPs?
You certainly can, up to 8 additional IPs are available while placing your order. Please contact our Sales Team if you require more IPs (justification will be required). A IPv6 block can also be added free of charge whilst configuring your server.

Are there any discounts available?
Across all of our plans you get 12 months for the price of 10 when paying annually, or 6 months for the price of 5 when paying semi-annually. This equates to around a 15% discount when compared to monthly pricing! If you plan to purchase a large amount of Cloud Servers with us, feel free to contact our Sales Team for exclusive discounts.

What operating systems are offered?
We offer a wide range of common Operating Systems. Have a look at the full range of operating systems available here.

All prices exclude VAT which is charged to EU clients at the rate of your country of residence. UK clients are not charged VAT.

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