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A Guide To Tokyo For The Design And Culture Crowd

Many years ago, during my university days, I impulsively enrolled in a Japanese cinema class. Our syllabus covered everything from the gripping Rashomon (1950) to the sweetly earnest Kikujiro (1999). Among them was Yasujiro Ozu’s 1953 classic, Tokyo Monogatari (Story). I found it remarkable, though not for the reasons you might expect. At that time, watching the unassuming family drama felt agonisingly slow, and the slice-of-life narrative seemed mundane. It’s amusing to think that all these years later, the quietness now strikes me as revelatory, and the everyday appears special.

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Having both an insider and outsider perspective on Tokyo, being a Japanese citizen who grew up abroad with mixed…

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Office Design For Accessibility And Safety

Over 3370 burglaries happen daily in the USA, and these burglaries affect both residential and commercial properties. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to provide security to keep your data, assets, and people safe.

But how do you ensure your office security is accessible and safe?

Keep reading as we discuss secure, accessible, and inclusive office elements that help you protect your commercial property.

Window And Door Installation

When designing or looking for an accessible and safe office, entry points are pivotal. The number of entry points should be enough to facilitate easy access to the building without leaving you vulnerable and making security duties more difficult. You should also provide accessible entry points for disabled employees, such as ramps and…

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Small Business Website Design Best Practices & Examples – Forbes Advisor INDIA

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Small business websites must have an eye-catching design and compelling copy to make a positive first impression on visitors. Small business owners may not have the budget, skills or resources to make a website that stands out. With the right tips and tricks, however, you’ll be on your way to building stunning landing pages that make people stop and stare.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of small business website design best practices along with a few examples.

1. Choose a Reader-friendly Font

There are a lot of attractive and interesting fonts to select from—but the main question is are they readable and easy to understand? A good tip is to pick a font that aligns…

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Best Practices for Email Header Design

In today’s digital landscape, creating an engaging email header is crucial. It helps in capturing your recipient’s attention and encouraging them to dig deeper into your email content. A well-designed email header reflects your brand identity. It further sets the tone for the entire email. Let’s explore some best practices for creating email headers that leave a lasting impression. You can always look for more insights into HTML email templates and trends.

Key Elements of Email Header Design

Logo and Branding

Your company’s logo should take center stage in your email header image. It is a visual representation of your brand and helps recipients instantly recognize your emails. Ensure that the logo is appropriately sized and placed at the top of the header for maximum…

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