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OVHcloud® US Launches Second Generation Bare Metal Scale Servers for the Most Demanding Workloads Including AI

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RESTON, Va., Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — OVHcloud US, the global cloud leader, today announced the launch of its second generation of dedicated Scale Bare Metal servers. First launched in 2021, this new generation of high-performance Scale Bare Metal servers delivering even more compute power.

Addressing verticals such as healthcare, finance, industry, public sectors and media, the new generation of Scale Bare Metal servers uses powerful processors from AMD and NVIDIA in response to customers’ most intensive use cases such as confidential computing, big data, analytics, as well as virtualization and…

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OVHcloud introduces advanced Identity and Access Management feature

OVHcloud, a leading cloud provider, has launched its newest security feature: advanced Identity and Access Management (IAM). The update provides organisations with granular control over their security privileges and offers total command over access to digital resources.

The pioneering feature, set to be made available at no additional cost to all customers on 25 October, is geared towards enhancing security, mitigating malicious attacks, and supporting IT teams’ productivity and compliance. In addition, it offers improved performance for users’ login experiences.

As part of the OVHcloud’s continuing product development and commitment to constant innovation, the IAM will be accessible through a centralised user interface within the OVHcloud control panel and OVHcloud’s…

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OVHcloud launches data center in Mumbai

In a bid to further expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, the French cloud computing company OVHcloud announced the launch of its first data center in Mumbai, India on March 21, 2023. As a part of its Asia Pacific expansion plans, the company will also see the installation of two more data centers in Australia and Singapore by 2024.

OVHcloud is one of the leaders in providing sustainable cloud solutions, leveraging state-of-art technology such as circulatory and water cooling at scale to help company’s infrastructure to adapt to tropical climate of the country. The company will also be manufacturing its own servers that are integrated with industrial models that allow a sustainable cloud with a Carbon Usage Effectiveness of 0.2.

Though the exact location of the data…

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How to Configure your OVHcloud Elite VPS

OVHcloud technical features of VPS solutions page
Figure A: Choose an OVHcloud Elite VPS solution to configure.

Virtual private server solutions provide secure hosting environments for users to configure and utilize as they prefer. These virtual environments are isolated, allowing the user to benefit from greater performance and more reliability than they would have using shared hosting. In addition, with the ability to utilize resources as needed without sharing the server, many users feel that VPS solutions provide them with more control and freedom over their server use.

VPS solutions are commonly provided as a service by internet hosting providers, like OVHcloud. They provide users with a VPS in the form of their product Elite, with predefined resources that work with the users’ operating systems to run their…

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OVHcloud CEO says web hosting is going through an evolution not a revolution

Cloud-based hosting and application services are evolving. Almost every business or service will have a website, an app, or some sort of online presence via social media.

But as rapidly as the online world appears to be growing, Michel Paulin, CEO of OVHcloud (opens in new tab), believes this is in no way a revolutionary movement.

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