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Servers for GameStop annual shareholder meeting crash due to overwhelming interest – NBC10 Philadelphia

  • GameStop’s 2024 annual shareholder meeting was disrupted as servers crashed under overwhelming interest.
  • A customer service rep for Computer Share, the company hosting the meeting, told CNBC its servers had apparently crashed because they weren’t accustomed to the amount of traffic the event had attracted.
  • The debacle comes amid a new meme stock craze that surged when Keith Gill — known as Roaring Kitty online — resumed posting on his social accounts after going dark for more than three years.

GameStop’s annual shareholder meeting was disrupted by computer problems Thursday, as servers crashed under overwhelming interest in the stream, a customer service representative for the company hosting the stream told CNBC.

The meeting, slated to begin at 11 a.m. ET, was…

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XARO Supports Businesses with Premier VPS Solutions and Servers

In response to the demands of companies seeking dependable, scalable, and high-performance hosting services

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, June 10, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — XARO proudly offers its advanced VPS options for Windows and Linux in addition to fast, unmetered dedicated servers. The company claims to have been providing its services to businesses and independent developers with scalable, dependable, and durable hosting solutions that guarantee maximum performance and flexibility. These solutions are specifically designed to satisfy the needs of developers and organizations looking to grow their…

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‘It seemed like a crazy idea’: A tech expert got the inside story of how Blizzard saved big bucks by selling 10,000 old WoW servers to fans via a charity auction — and one of them even ended up as a wedding gift

While flying to SC23 (the 2023 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis) in Denver, Patrick Kennedy from Serve The Home had a chance encounter with a man on the plane who shared an intriguing story about Blizzard‘s decision to auction off its servers to fans.

World of Warcraft launched in November 2004 and was hugely popular – and even now boasts over a million daily logins. Each player’s character is tied to a specific realm, requiring servers that track the state of all players and NPCs continuously.

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HostColor.com Rolls Out New Failover-protected Cloud Servers

HostColor (HC) has recently added failover and data loss protection service to its Cloud Servers. Clients of HostColor can now improve their cloud infrastructure by activating a mirrored, fully synchronized server environment with just one click from their accounts.

Failover protection is a software-defined business continuity service. It monitors the underlying cloud infrastructure to detect errors and activate redundant server environments, thus providing operational continuity in case of any downtime of the main infrastructure environment.

The service is available for all Public Cloud Servers and Hosted Private Clouds offered by HostColor.com. In the event of an outage, the failover protection function allows for seamless switching of all workflows to the reserve infrastructure…

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New FlokiNET Dedicated Servers: RO, IS, NL, FIN + Free DDoS Protection!

About us

FlokiNET was established in 2012 in Iceland to provide a safe harbor for freedom of speech, free press, and whistle-blower projects. We operate data centers in Iceland, Romania, Netherlands and Finland.

We at FlokiNET value your privacy, so we promise that we will never give third parties access to ANY of your data!


Romania HP DL360 G10 NVMe – € 467.00/m

(Up to 10x SSD)

2x 28-Core Intel Xeon Platinum 8173M

(PassMark Single/Multi-Core 1989/54073)


2x 250GB SATA3 SSD

(Up to 10x 2,5″ NVMe SSD)




(Up to 24x 64GB)

Network Card

1Gbit single port uplink

4x 1Gbit available ports

IP Assignment

1IPv4 & /64 IPv6




Iceland HP DL360 G10 NVMe – € 527.00/m

(Up to 10x…

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