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Pay With Crypto: Exploring the Benefits for Hosting Customers

Are traditional payment methods not cutting it for you anymore? Let’s dive into the innovative realm of cryptocurrency payments for hosting services.

This piece will break down the advantages that paying with crypto can offer you, as a customer of hosting services. We’ll discuss how it brings more financial flexibility, improved security, and better privacy.

Cryptocurrency doesn’t just give you more ways to pay; it also equips you with a worldwide perspective. 

For example, the increased financial flexibility means you can manage your expenses more effectively. 

Crypto payments also provide enhanced security, which is crucial in today’s digital world where data breaches are common.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Payments in Web Hosting

It’s an exciting time in the world of…

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MPs’ pay has not increased by 42% since 2010

A post shared on Facebook claimed that Conservative party MPs received a “£2,400+” pay rise during the week of 19 September, and that meant MPs’ pay has increased by 42% since 2010. 

The post was a screenshot of a post on X (formerly Twitter) by Howard Beckett, a former Assistant General Secretary of the trade union Unite. The post, which has over 5,000 shares, said “Tory MPs got a £2,400+ pay rise this week. A 42% payrise since 2010.”

All MPs receive the same MP salary irrespective of which political party they belong to. 

The salaries of MPs did not increase the week the post was shared in September 2023. It’s true that the most recent pay rise for MPs saw their salaries increase by over £2,400, but this means their pay has increased by 31.7%, not…

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The government does not pay private health companies twice as much as GPs

Calculations posted on social media have led to claims that the government is spending twice as much on private healthcare as on GP services. But this depends on exactly how you count the spending, and in some cases the claims aren’t quite right.

Dr Steve Taylor posted on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook that NHS spending on GP services per patient was approximately £160, making the spend per patient per day 45p. He also wrote that NHS spending on “private healthcare providing NHS care” was about £320 per person and so 90p per person per day.

These figures were shared and reported by a number of others.

Dr Dan Goyal shared the figures on X, claiming: “The U.K. govt are currently spending twice as much on Private Healthcare as they do on the entire Primary…

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Pay one low price for a lifetime of web hosting

Get a lifetime of web hosting for only $49.99.
All you need is a domain to get up and running with this lifetime web host for just $49.99.
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Whether you’re setting up an online store or creating a personal or business webpage, one thing you must consider is where you’ll host your website. Some web hosts are super cheap and only cost a few dollars a month, but that can add up over time. With DoRoyal website hosting, you can host unlimited domains for life for a one-time payment of $49.99 (regularly $225). 

DoRoyal web hosting: One price for life

Basically, the only thing DoRoyal doesn’t cover is your domain name. You need to bring that to the table, but then DoRoyal will give you access to a ton of easy-to-use tools to move,…

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After my nephew’s restaurant birthday party, the host texted me to make me pay

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